Success Stories



Nu-Way Transportation

Increased staff productivity by less time spent approving invoices

Solution: Accounts Payable with PO Manager

Nu-Way created consistent and manageable invoicing by adopting a single solution across all its terminal locations.


Bulk Transit

Decreased collections process staff hours by 81%

Solution: Billing & Accounts Receivable

Bulk Transit reduced labor costs and improved staff productivity when AI-supported workflows were integrated into their collections department.

JA Frate

Saved 1.5 hours of daily staff time by reducing manual data entry

Solution: Billing & Accounts Receivable

JA Frate increased their cash flow and receive faster image imports from partner carriers.


Texas TransEastern

Accelerated invoicing by 24 hours

Solution: Imaging & Workflow

Texas TransEastern improved their invoicing process by moving to a paperless, integrated, and automated workflow environment.


Covenant Transport

Reduced driver orientation by one day

Solution: Recruiting / Onboarding / Learning Management System

Covenant Transport staff gained 15 hours per week to focus on departmental needs, and management realized $30,000 in productivity gains.

Maverick Transportation LLC

Improved driver training in 100% paperless orientation environment

Solution: Recruiting / Onboarding / Learning Management System

Maverick Transportation improved efficiencies in their driver onboarding and orientation process.



Reduces time-to-bill by 80%

Solution: SHIPS Mobile

Bellavance Trucking's billing cycle improved and driver satisfaction increased after integrating EBE’s mobile capture solution into its dispatch system.

Contrans Corp.

Expedites billing process by 2 weeks

Solution: SHIPS Mobile

Contrans Corp. increased profitability and improved driver satisfaction.

Riverside Transport, Inc.

Reduced billing cycle by one day

Solution: SHIPS Mobile

Riverside Transport reduced manual entries processed, improved efficiencies, and drove down costs.

Solar Transport

Reduced manual entry by 95%

Solution: SHIPS Mobile

Solar Transport improved document indexing, eliminated calls about missing paperwork, and reduced driver turnover.


Admiral Merchants

Reduced accident risk and improved claim processing

Solution: Safety & Risk

Admiral Merchants proactively corrected adverse driver behavior.

Container PortGroup

Reduced safety and risk labor costs by 20%

Solution: Safety & Risk

Container PortGroup needed a centralized view of driver behavior and fleet performance.

Shaw Industries Group

Reduced labor costs by 33%

Solution: Safety & Risk

Shaw Industries increased fleet safety by automating incident responses and identifying training needs.