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Recruiting Commercial Truck Drivers and strategies to retain them

If you have been in the trucking industry any length of time you have heard of the industry’s need for qualified drivers. Recruiting drivers is an ever-evolving landscape and it is important that motor carriers can adapt and make changes when needed. The shortage of qualified drivers requires recruiting managers to be creative, honest, and really understand the drivers needs and expectations. Drivers are not all the same. Drivers may share similar needs, but their needs are often in a different pecking order in terms of significance.

Safety scorecards for motor carriers and drivers

I’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of safety protocols in the industry. In my initial years, I relied solely on personal experiences to identify motor carriers for inspection, discerning between the commendable and the concerning. However, around 1998, the FMCSA initiated a pivotal shift by providing CMV enforcement officers access to inspection data. This allowed for more informed decisions regarding which motor carriers warranted inspection, based on past performance metrics such as inspections, crashes, and Inspection Selection Scores (IIS).

The Top 9 Benefits of the Managed Services Model

In the fast-paced and dynamic landscape of the trucking industry, staying ahead of the curve requires innovative solutions and strategic foresight. Recent data trends emphasize the need for responsive action. In this article, we delve into the top 9 benefits that highlight how managed services models are reshaping the trucking industry, optimizing operations, and driving sustained success.

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