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Imaging & Workflow

Mobile Capture White Paper

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Content Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming business, including content management. Transportation companies can benefit from AI-supported workflow solutions to electronically manage the influx of documents and data they generate. This white paper will examine the popularity of AI-based systems and the costs of using traditional applications.


Mobile Applications

Mobile Capture White Paper

A strategy that benefits the driver, customer, and the carrier

The adoption of mobile capture management applications is proliferating across all segments of the transportation industry.



What Drivers Want: Insight for Carriers to Hire and Keep the Best

What Drivers Want: Insight for Carriers to Hire and Keep the Best

Driver retention has historically been difficult — with no clear solution. Recent trends have compounded the problem for carriers such as early retirements and limited backfill options for the driving profession. In this white paper, we’ll explore the struggle between the job and the desires of the workforce, and what carriers can do to be in better alignment with drivers’ needs.


Learning Management System

Improve Onboarding, Retention, Safety, and Your Bottom Line

Improve Onboarding, Retention, Safety, and Your Bottom Line

Creating a positive first impression with drivers is key to retention, but traditional orientation and onboarding methods aren’t working, so what can carriers do? A Learning Management System (LMS), along with a paperless environment for orientation and onboarding, is a refreshing alternative to outdated processes.


Safety & Risk

A Safety Mindset

A Safety Mindset: Why It Should be A Priority for Transportation Companies

Weaving a culture of safety into every organization means embracing the value that a safety mindset offers. Some may ask why view safety as a value vs. a priority? The answer is simple. Priorities change, sometimes daily, whereas a value remains constant. In this white paper, we’ll explore historical trends, current processes, best practices, and the use of technology to support a safety-based culture. These topics will help answer the question, “How do we accomplish our safety mission?”