EBE was founded in 1973 by Joe Kerr

Joe Kerr founded the company as Electronic Business Equipment (EBE) in 1973.

EBE began selling calculators and word processors – the latest business equipment technology at the time. While calculators are a staple of offices today, they were a luxury years ago. If you bought one in 1973, it would’ve cost $4,000; the equivalent of $23,000 today.

EBE Building


1980s EBE Office

Technology advanced rapidly in the 1980s, making the word processor, the first personal computer, readily available. EBE was an early leader in providing this new technology to businesses. Joe continually adapted to changes in the market because he knew that was the best way to improve efficiencies for his customers.


In the mid-1990s, EBE started developing products for the transportation industry. After designing a custom enterprise document management system, EBE consolidated the feature sets, which became the Shipping & Hauling Image Processing System (SHIPS). Joe Kerr’s son, Larry, led the effort that made SHIPS EBE’s flagship product and revolutionized the transportation industry with its process improvement capabilities.

EBE in 1990s


EBE 2000

As technology advanced, so did EBE’s solutions to help the transportation industry increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Its enterprise document management systems capitalized on emerging technology of the day: extensive power, low cost of mass storage, and high-power networks.


EBE recognized the need for on-the-go solutions, so it developed a mobile capture application that allowed drivers to scan documents from anywhere at any time. Drivers and office staff appreciated the Capture Wizard feature, which gave immediate alerts to drivers about image quality.

Capture Wizard


The world is changing faster than ever, and we're evolving with it. We've developed unparalleled paperless products and services to meet the demands of a mobile workforce. And we continue to make enhancements to our enterprise artificial intelligence solution, which automates repetitive tasks so carrier staff can focus on more strategic activities. We're focus on bringing value to our clients by delivering best-in-industry products and services in the years ahead.

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