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More than Money: Ways to Retain Drivers

More than Money: Ways to Retain Drivers

On every transportation industry website, big city billboard, and driver job board, companies are advertising increased pay and sign-on bonuses to attract quality drivers. And still, the driver turnover rate is increasing. Why? Could it be that money isn’t enough to motivate drivers to stay once they cash in on that bonus? And how can transportation companies retain the drivers they have if increased pay isn’t the answer? Read on for some driver retention ideas that provide the most bang for your buck.

Performance Incentives

One way to improve driver retention is to reward good driver behaviors that help your fleet run as safely and efficiently as possible. Rewards can be based on a variety of metrics, from 6 months of accident-free driving to meeting fuel saving thresholds. Sure, incentives can be in the form of a monetary bonus, but why not think outside the box? A gift card to the driver’s favorite restaurant. An extra vacation day. Find out what motivates your drivers and offer that as an incentive to encourage outstanding driving that, in turn, significantly contributes to your company’s success.

Healthy Competition

And while you’re at it, why not use those performance incentives for a little in-house competition? Many fleet telematics systems offer driver dashboards to monitor driver performance. By making some of that information public within the organization, drivers have an even greater incentive to “beat” their peers and emerge at the top of pyramid. Fostering healthy competition encourages good driver behaviors and ensures a safer and more compliant fleet.

Stellar Benefits

Due to the sedentary nature and stress of the job, truck drivers are more at risk for health problems than those in other occupations. Offering drivers (and their dependents) full medical coverage gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors, while also ensuring the continued health of your company personnel. Fewer sick days means more time moving freight – a win-win!

Proper Treatment

Even though trucking is critical to the overall health of the US economy, truck drivers are among the least respected members of the work force. Set your company apart by building a team-oriented culture that values your drivers and their necessary contribution to the industry. Implement an orientation program that absorbs drivers into the organization. Prioritize communication between drivers and office staff. Invite drivers to share their feedback and good ideas on how to make the company stronger. Show how much you appreciate their efforts and value their contribution. It’s clear that motivating drivers takes more than money. Adopting one or all the above practices is a meaningful change your company can make that allows drivers to take ownership of the part they play in not only the success of the company, but in their own personal career advancement as well. By implementing such a program, you’re telling drivers they’re not just a commodity, but a true part of the organization. To find out how EBE solutions can help you retain your quality drivers, visit or call 800.447.0612.

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