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Automate Shipper's Websites to Cut Costs and Enhance Accuracy

Automate Shipper’s Websites to Cut Costs and Enhance Accuracy

In 2024, many carriers are seeking ways to cut costs while maintaining services standards. One method to achieve this goal is to automate interaction with the increasing number of Shipper web portals. Shippers increasingly rely on carriers and logistics providers to handle tasks like status updates, billing, document uploads, and assessorial claims through these portals.

Timely and accurate processes are crucial for transportation partners, as shippers often use scorecards to enforce standards. Failure to meet these standards can lead to the loss of a contract.

To support carriers and logistics providers in achieving cost-cutting goals, EBE developed Emily, a 24/7 website management robot. Emily efficiently handles portal interactions and notifies clients of any exceptions that may cause delays in updates or payments. Some direct benefits of Emily include completing tasks 17X to 78X faster and with greater accuracy.

Specific areas of improvement include:

  • Huge impact on cashflow management and labor savings.
  • Offer real-time status updates and billing to eliminate lags based on resources.
  • Automatically check EDI invoices, allowing quick correction and resubmission within days instead of relying on aging reports.
  • Monitor scorecards and proactively correct any loads that may have a service failure.
  • Gain insight without the need for manual transaction checks, saving you labor.

In today’s labor market, hiring, training, and maintaining unskilled labor for traditionally manual tasks, such as data entry, pose challenges. Unfortunately, this results in skilled workers taking on these duties, leading to reduced productivity, increased costs, and diminished job satisfaction. Emily alleviates this burden by allowing skilled workers to focus on their expertise, ultimately enhancing overall company performance and driving operational improvements, efficiency, and cost reductions.

The year 2024 presents a critical juncture for carriers as they strive to balance cost-cutting initiatives with service standard maintenance. The automation of Shipper web portals, particularly through EBE’s innovative solution, Emily, emerges as a transformative force. By streamlining tasks such as status updates, billing, and EDI invoice management, Emily not only accelerates processes but also significantly impacts cash flow and labor savings.

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