Immediately Respond to Proof of Delivery Requests

Immediately Respond to Proof of Delivery Requests

Like many transportation organizations, your staff may be handling numerous proof-of-delivery (POD) requests daily – if not hourly – from customers. These requests result in less staff productivity, as employees are responding to inquiries, instead of handling their day-to-day responsibilities.

Fortunately, technology has advanced to automate the proof-of-delivery process, which includes these features:  

  • Web Viewing. Customers log in to a secure portal to view, print or save PODs.
  • Immediate POD Notification. Once the POD reaches your imaging system, it’s immediately emailed to customers, freeing staff from this task.
  • Immediate POD with the use of a Mobile Capture Solution. By combining immediate POD notifications with a mobile solution, customers automatically receive PODs within 3 minutes of delivery.

By offering customers an automated solution to their POD needs, your company will stand out as a provider of superior, consistent customer service. Plus, your staff won’t spend valuable time responding to POD requests – freeing them to perform more profit-oriented activities.

EBE’s Billing & Accounts Receivable solution features immediate POD notification to meet your customers needs. To learn more about EBE’s automated solutions, visit or call 800.447.0612.

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