4 Ways to Tell if Your Back Office Is Inefficient

4 Ways to Tell if Your Back Office Is Inefficient

It’s a proven fact that paper- and people-based processes are inefficient. In the transportation industry, relying on paper and people can lead to high accounts payable transaction costs – AND missed business opportunity. Advancements in document management solutions have helped transportation companies drive massive efficiency gains in their back offices with state-of-the-art document imaging and automated workflows. But how do you know if your company would benefit? Read on for 4 telltale signs that your back office is inefficient – and why you should look into adopting a first-class document management solution.

  1. You’re Drowning in Paper
    If your organization relies on paper-driven processes, you might not realize how inefficient your back office is. First, it’s costly: not only do you have to pay for the paper itself, but also the ink, the storage (a.k.a. unsightly filing cabinets), and the postage. Second, it’s unorganized — think about how hard it is to track a paper-driven process, not to mention how long it takes to retrieve a needed document. A document management process with automated workflows reduces the amount of paper and improves your efficiency by allowing for the organization of electronic files.
  2. You Employ Staff You Don’t Need
    Organizations that rely on paper need people to touch that paper, making sure it gets to the right places. A document management system with automated workflows automatically routes the documents where they need to go; staff are only required to view out-of-standard documents for correction, which frees up their time for other tasks. In many cases, your organization can save on staffing overhead costs with the adoption of an automated system.
  3. You Pay Unnecessary Expenses
    Paper Accounts Payable processes are not only inefficient – they can cost you! If your AP approval process is slow due to the reliance on manual paper handling, you might be paying unnecessary late fees. These fees may be small, but they can add up over time. What’s more, having a manual approval process means you most likely aren’t taking advantage of early pay discounts with your vendors (or carriers, if you’re in the logistics business). An automated document management system not only eliminates the occasional late fee, it also ensures you’re getting the most bang for your buck in other ways.
  4. You’re Not Billing the Same Day
    Many billing departments that rely on paper and manual processes take time – sometimes weeks – to gather the necessary paperwork and submit an invoice. If this sounds familiar, you should investigate a document management system with automated workflows, which can reduce the amount of time it takes to bill. Some organizations have achieved significant ROI by implementing such a system, and are now routinely experiencing same-day billing, in some cases billing WITHIN HOURS of delivery. Faster billing means faster payment, and a more efficient back office system is the answer.

A solid document imaging solution combined with a high-powered workflow automation engine can significantly improve your back office processes. To learn more about EBE’s first-class document and process management solutions, visit ebeships.com or call 800.447.0612.

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