3 Reasons Why You Need a First-Class Document Management System

3 Reasons Why You Need a First-Class Document Management System

Transportation companies are characterized by the large amount the paper and documents they generate. A successful transportation organization has a system for managing those documents electronically with a document imaging solution that converts paper documents to electronic files. To gain even more productivity – and, as a result, save on overhead costs – transportation document management systems should include workflow automation as well. Read on to learn how a document management system can help your organization achieve success.

  1. Reduce manual data entry, errors
    Mistakes are inevitable when a manual process is involved. In the transportation industry, these mistakes can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Implementing a document management system will automate the repetitive processes in your back office, and because manual data entry is reduced, human errors are reduced as well. Automation is the key element to a truly successful document management system.
  2. Workflows Improve Productivity
    Does your back office staff review every transaction that comes in? If so, there’s a better way: workflow. A document management system with automated workflows ensures that your staff only reviews those transactions that are the exceptions; any transaction that has all the paperwork needed for billing is automatically processed, so you can bill more quickly – and get paid more quickly. More importantly, fewer staff members are needed because of the workflow process, so your personnel can focus on other aspects of your transportation organization while you experience reduced overhead costs.
  3. Store Your Documents in One Place
    Perhaps the best part of a document management system: no more filing cabinets. All your documents are stored in a secure, central location that allows for easy and immediate document retrieval whenever it’s needed. And security rules ensure that only staff with approved access can review critical documents to keep your files safe and compliant.

Implementing a superior document management system will allow you to streamline operational efficiencies, thereby improving cash flow AND your bottom line. Learn more about EBE’s enterprise document management system by visiting ebeships.com or calling 800.447.0612.

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