Outsourced Asset Tracking

From tutorials and capturing documents to communicating status and managing trips, our Outsourced Asset Tracking solution has applications to assist drivers and ensure efficient deliveries.

Applications are:
  • Mobile Capture
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Learning Management Tutorial
  • Move, Accept, and Reject
  • Planning View
  • Dispatch Planner
  • Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL)
  • Delivery Special Instructions
  • Arrival, Departure, and GPS Tracking

Company and Outsourced Asset

Key Benefits

  • Improve driver experience
  • Streamline delivery process
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduce calls to dispatch
  • Identify coaching opportunities
  • Receive real-time status updates
  • Improve driver experience

Software Solutions


Mobile Capture

Drivers can capture and submit required documents at the point of delivery with the SHIPS Mobile Capture application. The capture wizard provides the highest quality images and multiple batch types are supported including trip documents, accident photos, safety and compliance documents, and vehicle inspections.

Optical Character Recognition

The SHIPS Mobile OCR is a cloud-based application, which is performed on the driver’s phone. It maximizes labor resources through a verification system that doesn’t require staff to be specially trained on a carrier’s back-office system. Employees can work remotely without needing a VPN. The application is ideal for documents such as invoices, roadside inspections, fuel receipts, eBOLs, and scale tickets. Watch a demo of SHIPS Mobile OCR.

Learning Management Tutorial

EBE’s Learning Management Tutorial trains drivers on the SHIPS Mobile application. Drivers can access the tutorial from their mobile devices. Data is available to determine in what areas drivers need additional coaching.

Move, Accept, and Reject

Drivers can use our Move, Accept, and Reject application to communicate their status to your dispatch, eliminating the need for calls. The solution is ideal for last-mile applications, local deliveries, and drive-away industry segments.

Planning View

Improve productivity and driver experience with our Planning View application, which allows drivers to view planning functions in dispatch. The information gathered helps drivers better plan and manage their trips.

Dispatcher Portal

Our Dispatch portal application reduces manual data entry by sending order numbers, status calls, and move-specific data to the dispatch system. By automating the process, accuracy increases, and drivers’ experience improves.

Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL)

The eBOL application allows drivers to capture required signatures without associated paperwork. Based on the industry segment, this process streamlines the delivery process and accelerates delivery confirmation.

Delivery Special Instructions

Drivers receive alerts through our SHIPS mobile application or by text when special instructions are detected in dispatch. Then, tutorials are provided to drivers, such as a video, PowerPoint slides, or a PDF lesson. Alerts are prompted for drivers not completing the lessons, offering coaching opportunities.

Arrival, Departure, and GPS Tracking

Drivers can use our Arrival, Departure, and GPS Tracking application to communicate their status to your dispatch, eliminating the need for calls. The solution is ideal for last-mile applications, local deliveries, and drive-away industry segments, as well a backup to traditional mobile communications systems.

EBE – One Provider,
Many Solutions

EBE provides AI-supported, enterprise solutions to transportation companies of any size and industry segment. Each of our solutions is configurable to your company’s needs. We use a systematic approach to ensure a smooth integration with your existing software. After implementation, we’ll train your staff on usage and functionality of the software. No other company offers the breadth of products and services like EBE.


Success Stories

EBE is a leader in the transportation industry and trusted by over 650 customers.

Bellavance Trucking

Reduces time-to-bill by 80%

Contrans Corp.

Expedites billing process by 2 weeks

Riverside Transport

Reduced billing cycle by one day

Solar Transport

Reduced manual entry by 95%

A Strategy that Benefits the Driver, Customer, and the Carrier

The adoption of mobile capture management applications is increasing across all segments of the transportation industry.

Mobile Applications

Integration Partners

EBE solutions fully integrate with other platforms.

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