Carrier Solutions

The SHIPS Mobile Carrier Solutions give drivers visibility to a variety of information. Whether it’s alerts about training, settlements, or a place to store documents like expenses, everything is accessible when drivers need it.

Our Carrier Solutions module includes:
  • Mobile Capture
  • Settlement Assistant
  • TMS Integration
  • Workflow Auditor
  • Special Delivery Instructions
  • Load Planning
  • Load Accept & Reject
  • Outsourced Asset Visibility
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Driver Portal
  • EPOD
  • Mobile Comm API

Company and Outsourced Asset

Key Benefits

  • Improve driver experience
  • Streamline delivery process
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduce calls to dispatch
  • Identify coaching opportunities
  • Receive real-time status updates

Software Solutions


Mobile Capture

Mobile capture allows a driver to capture and index a document by type and enter the order number. This is a base capture solution without TMS integration.

Settlement assistant

SHIPS Mobile Enterprise Settlement Assistant for Missing or Late Paperwork. Application can also be configured for pending payroll alerts. Reports are sent to a driver’s manager for follow up.

TMS Integration

The SHIPS Mobile Enterprise Interface integrates into to a carrier’s TMS. Functionality and web-services include Active Driver & Driver Queries, Move Details, Batch Types, Document Types, Trip Leg, and Image Routing based on Batch Type. ICC interface each Contrans company using the system if not configured.

Workflow Auditor

CMC-Document & Workflow Auditor allows your personnel to audit incoming documents and generate specific messages back to drivers by driver code. The messages can be preconfigured to select from a drop-down list or be free form messages from your staff and sent directly to a drivers smart-device or the OBC.

Special Delivery Instructions

Provides the driver with a lesson for the delivery based on Stop, Commodity or Bill to Code. Designed to lower claims and reduce service failures.

Load planning

Provides load planning information from a carrier’s TMS on a driver’s personal device. Allows a driver to review their loads prior to being “in the cab”.

Load Accept & Reject

Load Accept & Reject works within the Load planning module. Through this module, a driver can accept or reject a planned load from their personal device.

Outsourced Asset Visibility

Outsourced asset visibility allows a carrier to provide an owner operator the ability to view planned loads, accept or reject an offered load, provide GPS positioning data as well as arrival and departure status calls.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The OCR module allows data entry of billing documents to be performed by non-billing staff working remotely without VPN or another advanced network connectivity. Drivers no longer must enter data into their mobile comm devices when documents are captured before delivery.

Driver Portal

Driver Portal is a web-based personal landing page that provides the driver visibility to system alerts, Learning Management Tutorial, Loads, and Batches.

EPOD Module

Provides the ability to sign BOL documents and render the signature to create the POD documents. The BOL and signature workflow can be provided via link through text, email or through the SHIPS Mobile application.

Mobile Comm API

EBE provides an API that allows our mobile communication partners to incorporate EBE’s capture solution within their workflow process. Through this capability, a driver can work in one application to provide POD related documents.

EBE – One Provider,
Many Solutions

EBE provides AI-supported, enterprise solutions to transportation companies of any size and industry segment. Each of our solutions is configurable to your company’s needs. We use a systematic approach to ensure a smooth integration with your existing software. After implementation, we’ll train your staff on usage and functionality of the software. No other company offers the breadth of products and services like EBE.


Success Stories

EBE is a leader in the transportation industry and trusted by over 650 customers.

Bellavance Trucking

Reduces time-to-bill by 80%

Contrans Corp.

Expedites billing process by 2 weeks

Riverside Transport

Reduced billing cycle by one day

Solar Transport

Reduced manual entry by 95%

A Strategy that Benefits the Driver, Customer, and the Carrier

The adoption of mobile capture management applications is increasing across all segments of the transportation industry.

Mobile Applications

Integration Partners

EBE solutions fully integrate with other platforms.

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