Billing & Accounts Receivable

Improve staff productivity and decrease billing cycle time with EBE’s Billing and Accounts Receivable Solution. Our solutions eliminate repetitive data entry and provide real time visibility to operational data by integrating information from intermediaries’ and shippers’ websites, dispatch, and accounting systems.

Applications include:
  • Immediate POD Notification
  • Settlements
  • Collections
  • Detention Management
  • Shipper Web Portal Interface
  • Rate Contract Management
Billing & Accounts Receivable Module

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate billing delays
  • Reduce aged accounts
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Minimize errors
  • Increase settlement accuracy, frequency
  • Improve accountability

Software Solutions


Immediate POD Notification

Eliminate manually emailing PODs with our Immediate POD Notification. It monitors your dispatching system for shipper, commodity, and stop codes, sending PODs and other documents to shippers, 3PLs, or carriers when certain criteria is met. You can also view and print documents through a secure login.


Our Settlement application monitors for reimbursement documents, receipts from advances, or missing documents after a move is delivered, eliminating manually tracking. You’ll see increased driver satisfaction and retention as more documents are in standard, reducing the need to call drivers.


With our Collections application, delinquent accounts are identified more quickly as it monitors aging accounts in your accounting system, minimizing your financial risk. You’ll also save time and money because the software automatically sends outstanding invoices and POD documents to shippers.

Detention Management

EBE Detention Management application monitors for detention at the load and stop code level. It monitors truck arrival time and sends alerts to the shipper based on specific time intervals. Alerts may be emailed or automatically entered in a shipper’s or intermediary’s web portal. By monitoring status changes in a carrier dispatching system, detention time can be calculated and entered in a carrier’s dispatch system for billing purposes. Detention represents a major revenue leak and leads to driver dissatisfaction. Paying drivers for detention time can reduce turnover and improve the carrier’s operating ratio.

Shipper Web Portal Interface

This application manages interactions between carriers and shippers’ or 3PLs’ internet portal, which include status updates, detention claims, payment status releases, and invoice submissions.

Rate Contract Management

Our Rate Contract Management solution manages inbound rate contracts from emails, faxes or websites, monitors for acceptance or rejection, and communicates the status to shippers.

EBE – One Provider,
Many Solutions

EBE provides AI-supported, enterprise solutions to transportation companies of any size and industry segment. Each of our solutions is configurable to your company’s needs. We use a systematic approach to ensure a smooth integration with your existing software. After implementation, we’ll train your staff on usage and functionality of the software. No other company offers the breadth of products and services like EBE.


Success Stories

EBE is a leader in the transportation industry and trusted by over 650 customers.

Bulk Transit

Decreased collections process staff hours by 81%

JA Frate

Saved 1.5 hours of daily staff time by reducing manual data entry


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Content Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming business, including content management. Transportation companies can benefit from AI-supported workflow solutions to electronically manage the influx of documents and data they generate. This white paper will examine the popularity of AI-based systems and the costs of using traditional applications.

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