Accounts Payable

EBE’s Accounts Payable solution streamlines the invoice approval process by automatically routing invoices based on your approval hierarchy and invoice amount. Its seamless integration into your accounting system eliminates keystrokes and improves accuracy. Our solution also provides valuable key performance indicators about your company’s procurement compliance.

Accounts Payable applications are:
  • Purchase Order Manager
  • Invoice Resolution
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Processing
  • Carrier Settlement
  • Asset Management Integration
Accounts Payable Module - EBE

Key Benefits

  • Reduces invoice processing costs
  • Eliminates duplicate payments
  • Improves data entry accuracy
  • Minimizes invoice discrepancies
  • Reduces accruals based on greater visibility to expenses

Software Solutions


Purchase Order Manager

Save time with our application that integrates seamlessly with your accounting and maintenance systems. Our web-based Purchase Order Manager lets you approve a purchase order from almost anywhere. In addition, best price information is provided on VMRS items to ensure you’re maximizing your parts budget. After purchase orders are sent to vendors, they’re placed in a workflow to be compared against invoices, ensuring payment tolerance.

Invoice Resolution

The Invoice Resolution Workflow monitors payments from shippers, then triggers a workflow for payments that fall short or exceed the invoiced amount. When this occurs, the documents are sorted by the company’s business rules and placed in a workflow queue by responsibility.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Processing

Reduce payment delays and eliminate data entry errors with our OCR Processing application. It automatically indexes documents and line item detail from invoices. This process requires your data entry team to only review questionable characters from the OCR system, providing a 95% improvement in productivity.

Carrier Settlement

With our Carrier Settlement application, you’ll receive the required documents from brokered moves. If documents are missing, transactions are placed on settlement hold, and carriers are automatically notified.

Asset Management Integration

EBE's Asset Management Integration solution eliminates data entry between our Accounts Payable and Purchase Order (PO) applications by integrating with industry leading asset management systems. Integrations include: Screen-Level Integration with Smart Connect; Repair Invoice Exception Workflow; Automatic Invoice Variance Entry; Automatic Invoice Information Entry; and Automatic PO Close.


EBE – One Provider,
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EBE provides AI-supported, enterprise solutions to transportation companies of any size and industry segment. Each of our solutions is configurable to your company’s needs. We use a systematic approach to ensure a smooth integration with your existing software. After implementation, we’ll train your staff on usage and functionality of the software. No other company offers the breadth of products and services like EBE.


Case Studies

EBE is a leader in the transportation industry and trusted by over 650 customers.

Bulk Transit

Increased staff productivity by less time spent approving invoices


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Content Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming business, including content management. Transportation companies can benefit from AI-supported workflow solutions to electronically manage the influx of documents and data they generate. This white paper will examine the popularity of AI-based systems and the costs of using traditional applications.

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